Board of Directors


President – Jessie Metelka

Past-President – Robert Moos

Secretary – Katrina Hitchman

Treasurer – Barb Metelka

BLCA is a member-based, non-profit organizations that is run by volunteer Board of Directors. Work that we do is inspired and made possible by organizations such as the GB5, FOCA and the Township of the Archipelago.

We are currently the only inland lake member of the Georgian Bay Association and an annual Charter Member with the Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve.  We are stewards of the lake and surrounding land which includes a Georgian Bay Land Trust property at Rat Lake on the southern end of Blackstone Lake.  In 2007 we participated in the Bass Nest Creation Project with the Eastern Georgian Bay Stewardship Council building approximately 50 nests and positively impacting fish habitat and populations.

Fire Rating

Current Rating: Low

Day Time Burning Permits may be issued. View an explanation of the different Fire Ratings.